Gualzawh nading Khutte Domto Ni by Rev. Dr. JM Ngul Khan Pau

October Kha pen Pastor Appreciation month ci-in kizangtek a, tua dingin i kigin theihna dingin Rev.Dr. JM Paupu in TBC-Y ah a thugenna hong hawm sawn ung.

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Please Pray for THE SALVATION CAMP among the UNREACHED in Oct

Camp Program (October)

 Place  – Ngeiayeter Village, Taungkyi Town, Ayarwaddy Division

               (the unreached zone)

Time – October holiday

Camp Duration – 5days (October 16-20, 2013)

Name of the Ministry  – Harvest Camp Ministry

Bible text  – John 4:35b

Purpose – To harvest many lost soul in a short period of time by the Mighty Power of     God for His Glory

Logo/moto      – Reaching the heathens

Topic Bible verse             – 1 Tim 2:4-5

Number of Counselors  – 8

Activities –

1. sharing gospel

2. home visit

3. personal counseling

4. medical

5. game, sport & music

 Expected  – 70 campers


Time Table





























Class A – Nonbelievers (or) Children                                                       Special class for church members

Class B – Born again (or) Adult

 Subject  God, Man, Sin, The Lasting, Salvation, Bible, Cults,

 Commuting fare  = 2 ways (1 per x 12,500ks)


Meal twice a day (5 days)            = (1 person x 800ks) 70 x 2 = 112,000ks <a day>

 Medicine                            = 200,000ks

Total                                      = 847,500ks


How many houses & population?

100 houses => (600)


What races are there and their religion?

Karen-Burmese, Buddhist – Animism


How many people can come? (ages)

Around 50, all kind of ages


How much they know about God?

They have ever heard about Jesus.


How many days can we conduct?



What is their profession?



How many authority members are there? How are they?

The authorities are easy going.


Can we get volunteer to cook?

Yes, we can.


Is it easy to get things?

Yes, it is.


How about the dishes & cups?



How’s the place to conduct?

It’s good. But need carpets and chairs.



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Zokam Audio Bible – iPhone, iPad le Android ah Kingahta

iPhone, iPad le Android zangin

Zokam Laisiangtho (NT) : Zokam International Version AW(Audio) in kingaithei ta hi.

Ma hong tutpih I TOPA Pasian in minthanna le vangliatna tang tawntung ta hen. Amen.

iPhone pan ngaih danding sample hong khak ung.

Zokam Bible Team

Chicago, USA

Step 1. Apps store ah search



Step 2. Install


Step 3. on the screen


Step 4. Choose language


Step 5. Choose chapter


Step 6. Listen enjoy and meditate on God’s word

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ZIV Products Introduction on Christmas Day 2010

Pil Mung :: Introducing Zokam Audio Bible(NT) and Zokam Power Bible CD(Study Software) to DC-EBC , Washington on Christmas Day, 2010.

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Zokam – English Bible Deihnate


Hih laibu pen:

  • Zokam le Mikang kam theihkaak nading,
  • Zokam le Mikangkam enkaak-a Zokam a Laisiangtho amaan pen neih theih nading, Mikangkam thei nuamte in Zokam pan sin theih nading,
  • Zokam sin nuamte in Mikang kam pan a sin theih nading le
  • hih Pilna Laibu sima Pasian pana pilna ngah theih nading deihna ahi hi.
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Power Bible CD Zokam Zatziading (English Version)

Instruction how to get full use of the Zokam

To get full use of the Zokam,

you must pull down the BIBLE menu,

choose RE-SORT BIBLES at the bottom of the list, then when the PREFERENCES WINDOW appears,

select Zokam International Version BIBLE,

and press the MOVE UP square button many many times until ZOKAM BIBLE reaches the top line on the Bibles’ menu list.

THEN press the OK BUTTON to save it for next time also.

After that, ZOKAM will be the Bible which comes up automatically in all the topics, commentaries, dictionaries and cross-references throughout the program!

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Study Software ah Lungdamkohna

  • Zomi le Zokam paute adingin amasa pen ahi Zokam Study Sofware, Zokam Laisiangtho tawh Power Bible CD aki-customized CD pen, hamsatna tampi, hun tampi le sum tampi i beih lawh khit ciangin, i biak Pasian in hong matutpih hong gualzawhpih ahimanin Ama minthanna ding hi semsem ta hen.
  • A diakdiak in Zokam Laisiangtho Kammal khempeuh software compiler sung programmable nadinga verse by verse a hong format sak, mikanglawm, Natasia Philips, Rachael CameroonJeffrey Dunn, Cathy Krekel le Mike Marcinkowski tungah lungdamna lian pha mahmah hi.
  • Hih nasepna thupi sa a Pasian itna tawh huhna sum hong pia Sia Theinthang tungah zong lungdamna lian hi.
  • FGA-Tulsa Kum (3) cin pawi ah hun kigak mahmahta leh hun hong pia a TOPA tung hong apsak  Sia Mungtawng le pawlpi mimal khat ciat tungah zong lungdamna lian hi. Video :: Zokam Power Bible CD (Study Software) Apna .Hih video hong bawlsak, TULSA pan Lawm Suumpy tungah zong lungdam na lianpi ko hang.
  • A kipat pan a tawp dong, tuciang dong mah hong buaipih hong deishsak i publisher,Phil Lindner tung lungdamna a kicingin kigenthei lo hi.

Hih software hong pian nadinga mapangpi Phil tawh Bronson khua, Michigan ah March 13,’10 ni ka kimuhna limlak uh hi.

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