Zokam – English Bible Kingahta


Laibu Min: Zokam – English Laisiangtho
Pilna Laibu (Book of Wisdom)
Job, Phatna-late(Psalms), Paunakte(Proverbs), Thuhilhnate(Ecclesiastes) le Zailate Zaila(Song of songs)
Laibu nam: Zokam – English (Bilingual Bible)
Laimai phazah : 450
Laibu khen le hawm : Zokam Press, Aurora USA
Edition : 1st Edition (Experimental Edition)
  • Zokam le Mikang kam theih kaak nading,
  • Mikang kam thei nuamte in Zokam pan a sin theih nading,
  • Zokam sin nuamte in Mikang kam pan a sin theih nading l
  • Zokam le Mikang kam enkaak-a Zokam a Laisiangtho amaan pen neih theih nading le
  • hih Pilna Laibu sima Pasian pana pilna ngah theih nading deihna ahi hi.


Vaikhakna ding,

Pil Mung


cell: 1-630-570-1671

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